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The SeptRx® Intrapocket PFO Occluder (IPO) was developed based on an innovative approach to addressing the unique anatomical and physiological challenges of the PFO. The unique characteristics of the SeptRx® IPO are as follows:

- Unlike first generation PFO closure devices, the SeptRx® IPO directly treats the pocket of the PFO while minimizing the impact to the atrial spaces, especially minimizing the residual material in the left atrium.

- The flat frame of the SeptRx® IPO applies a gentle force to the PFO tunnel to laterally stretch the tissues and flatten the pocket of the PFO to bring the septal surfaces together and trigger the body's natural adhesion response.

- The internal mesh of the SeptRx® IPO promotes permanent occlusion of the tunnel, while simultaneously providing an immediate inhibitor to the conduction of emboli.

- The SeptRx® IPO is delivered via a low profile (9 Fr), over-the-wire delivery system for increased safety and ease-of-use.

- The SeptRx® IPO has excellent radiopacity and is fully recapturable.

NOTICE: The SeptRx® IPO has not been approved for sale in any regulatory jurisdiction. Further, it is not yet available for either investigational use or commercial sale in the United States.

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